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New Recruit Vacancies:

28/09/2019: Our #ForceWithADifference campaign for New Recruits at the AWE sites near Reading in Berkshire, is now CLOSED. If you've submitted an application form, you will receive progress updates from the recruitment team in the coming weeks.

New Entrants From Other Forces' Vacancies:

05/12/2019: Vacancies within Crime Command are now available as part of our ongoing New Entrants From Other Forces Campaign.

28/10/2019: Our New Entrants From Other Forces campaign for Constable and Sergeant vacancies, at a range of locations, remains OPEN and will be ongoing until further notice. Available vacancies include posts on the Special Escort Group in Berkshire and the Marine Unit at HM Naval Base Portsmouth.

NEW! Constable vacancies are now also available at Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria.

01/03/2019: Campaign for qualified Constable & Sergeant Police Trainers - ongoing

01/03/2019: Campaign for Police Firearms Instructors - ongoing

To find out more about these vacancies and how to apply visit our NEOF page

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